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The EdolCommands plugin was developed by Andante.


Supported Versions

The EdolCommands plugin supports versions 1.7-1.12 of Bukkit/Spigot

Note that this plugin is created to work with Spigot (or alternatively PaperSpigot or CraftBukkit). Bukkit does not have an API for some of the things necessary to make this plugin work. This means that other server software (Tekkit, Forge, etc.) will not work with this plugin.
Other CraftBukkit or Spigot derivatives/forks might work but are not officially supported. So if you run into issues while using those, try to reproduce your issue on a fresh and up-to-date Spigot server first.


Troubleshooting and Reporting Issues

Before reporting: Try if you can reproduce your issue when using a freshly setup server using the latest version of Spigot, The Edol Package (with default configuration), and no other plugins. This can already give insights on whether your server version or another plugin is involved in the issue.

When reporting: Please provide the versions you are using of both Craftbukkit/Spigot and The Edol Package, and thoroughly describe the problem you are having, including step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Provide as much information as possible, which could help reproducing the issue on a freshly setup server.


What is this?
This is the core plugin for The Edol Network, consisting of a few commands that customise our server, and, with a little creativity, yours too!

How to use it?
I uploaded this plugin to Bukkit for community use! Download some kind of Java development software and watch a few YouTube videos to customise this for your needs!


What do I do now?


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