This plugin lets you customize messages like join, leave, kick etc. It's a really easy plugin to use.

I decided to make a new updated plugin that will replace ECBroadcaster. I created ECBroadcaster in 2016, I was supposed to release ECBroadcaster v7 but tbh I don't know where that file went. I started working on the new v7 but I don't think I will release that as this plugin is using the new v7 components.

Note: If you currently use ECBroadcaster I recommed switching to this as SimpleChat is using new updated code.


READ THIS: Finished website:

Check the version number to see the lastest released version. All versions that has version number vX.1-9 will only be released on website. 



If people type '%' it will reset chat formatting. (WILL BE FIXED, Not sure If It also happens in 1.0, I've seen it in 1.1)




SimpleChat is still in Alpha..

Custom Prefix

Local and server join / leave messages

Broadcaster from ECBroadcaster v7 (Not released yet)

Customize almost everything from ingame using /sc




(Requires simplechat.use)

Shows all available commands

(Requires simplechat.colour)

/sc color <chat/player>

Change colour of messages in chat or player name

(Requires simplechat.prefix)

/sc prefix <chat/plugin>

Change the prefix in between name and messages or plugin prefix

(Requires simplechat.message)

/sc message <join/leave> <prefix/message>

Change join or leave prefix/message




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