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The purpose of this plugin is to recreate the functionality of the various Tycoon gamemodes featured in the popular game, Roblox. Players will own businesses, be in charge of their own money, and work towards creating the most successful enterprise possible. This is achieved by completing basic tasks to earn money, and buy purchasing machines to automatically generate money. As this plugin is meant to closely follow the original gamemode, more information can be viewed on the Roblox Wiki.

How to setup a arena

A arena will be setup with a wand and some commands.

Arena Setup: Player will first run a few commands to get started

  • /ecty create <arena name> (Creates a arena
  • /ecty select <arena name> (Selects a arena to edit)
  • /ecty wand <arena name> (Select the area from 2 points where the whole place will be made)
  • /ecty setselsign (Select a sign so players can choose there tycoon) The rest of the setup is done with the pressure pad command as explained below.

PressurePlates: Pressureplates will be setup with the command /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) (Function) <Arguments>

  • (Cost) = Amount to step on the pressure plate
  • (Text Above) = Text that will be displayed above a pressure plate where a space equals _
  • (Function) = What the pressure pad will serve for. There are many functions as I will explain here:
  • crtmach: Creates a money machine <Format goes as /ecty pp (Cost) crtmach seconds:<interval in seconds> amount:<amount they get per interval>
  • moneyup: Upgrade your money making machine by X amount <Format goes as /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) mach:1
  • buildwall: Will create a wall/ceiling where you will get a want and select the area that you want to create a wall with a block item id <Format goes as /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) buildwall Where after they have done the command, they will immediately get a wand tool and be able to select a area and type /ecty done and then be able to type the item id and type /ecty done. After this, the wall will be saved to a config with the pressure pad.>
  • createitm: Creates a dispenser above the pressure plate with a button in front of the dispenser that will dupe a item with custom meta data and will regenerate every X amount of time. <Format goes as /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) createitm int:<Interval in seconds> id:<Item ID> name:<Name> lore:<Lore1,Lore2,etc> enchant: <enchantid.level> OR /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) createitm int:<Interval in seconds> crst: <Crackshot Weapon>>
  • crtturt: Creates a turret above with a set amount of bullets per reload, reload time, and seconds delay between a shot <Format goes as: /ecty pp (Cost) (Text Above) crtturt ammo:<ammo per mag> rldely:<reload delay> delybtsht:<delay between shot>


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