ESGUI is a simple and free to use GUI Shop plugin.

   ✔️ 1.8.x - 1.16 minecraft version support.
✔️ Fully customizeable items.
✔️ Configure shop items with the config files or ingame command.
✔️ Unlimited amount of items supported inside each shop.
✔️ Different pages of items are automaticly added.
✔️ Add unsafe enchantments to items.
✔️ Spawners supported.
✔️ Compatibility with SilkSpawners
✔️ Use multiple pre-made language files or customize all messages to your likings.
✔️ Add different types of items. (Enchanted items, Potions/spectral arrows, Spawners ,KnowLedge book with any recipe, PlayerHead with any Skull texture)

  • /shop (Open the main shop)
  • /shop <section> (Open a shop section directly from the command instead of typing /shop and choosing a shop section)
  • /sellall (Sell all items from your inventory)
  • /sellall <item> (Sell all items in your inventory that match the specified material)
  • /sellall hand (Sell all items that you are holding in your hand)
  • /sreload (Reloads the plugin)
  • /editshop additem <section> <material> <buy price> <sell price> (This command will add any item from the shop)
  • /editshop edititem <section> <item> <action> <key> <value> (This command will edit any item from the shop)
  • /editshop deleteitem <section> <item> (This command will remove any item from the shop)



  • (This permission allows players to use the shop)
  •<ShopSectionName> (Acces to open a specific shop section by its name)
  • (Gives you permission to open all shop sections)
  • EconomyShopGUI.sellall (Allows you to use the sellall command to sell all items in your inventory)
  • EconomyShopGUI.sellallitem (When you have this permission you are able to sell all item(s) inside your inventory that match the specific material Example: /sellall baked_potato)
  • EconomyShopGUI.sellallhand (Allows to use the /sellall hand command)
  • EconomyShopGUI.reload ((Allows you to reload the plugin))
  • EconomyShopGUI.eshop.additem (Allows you to use the additem subcommand from the editshop command)
  • EconomyShopGUI.eshop.edititem (Allows you to use the edititem subcommand from the editshop command)
  • EconomyShopGUI.eshop.deleteitem (Allows you to use the deleteitem subcommand from the editshop command)


Vault (You will need this plugin to set up the Economy)
Download here.
EssentialsX (An Economy plugin is needed, we recommend using Essentials but any other economy plugin also works)
Download here.
English by Hurly Durly:
German by Produktecheck (Outdated):
EconomyShopGUI Premium is here with more features such as a GUI editor, click here to see the plugin page.
This plugin uses bStats to collect anonymous statistics such as how many servers/players are using the plugin.
More info can be found at bStats.
The translation files of this plugin can be found on crowdin, if you want the plugin translated into your own language, send me a dm on discord and I will add it.


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