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This is a simple and free to use GUI shop plugin.


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1.8.x - 1.15.2 minecraft support.

All items/blocks in shop are customizable in the config file. 

All buy/sell prices are customizable in the config file.

Add as much items as you want to the shop.

You can customize shop sections. (color/title/block/position)

Add as much shop sections as you like.

You can add pages with diffrent items to a shop section.

SellAll command sells all the items from your inventory. 

You can overide the max enchantment/potion strength.

Create enchanted items. 

Create potion/tipped arrow items 

Create spawners in the shop. 

You can set a tool/item to break spawners(you can configure it so you need silk_toutch to mine a spawner).

Use multiple languages in the plugin and customize all messages.




/shop (Open the shop)

/shop <section> (Open a shop section directly from the command instead of typing /shop and choosing a shop section)

/sellall (Sell all items from your inventory)

/bal (See your current money)

/bal <player> (Check the balance of a player)

/pay <player> (Pay someone money)

/setmoney (Set the money of a player)

/sreload (Reloads the plugin)




EconomyShopGUI.bal (This allows player to use /bal command!)

EconomyShopGUI.balothers (Allows you to check someone else balance) (This permission allows players to use the shop)<ShopSectionName> (Acces to open a specific shop section by its name) (Gives you permission to open all shop sections) (Allows you to pay a player)

EconomyShopGUI.setmoney (This allows you to set money from a player)

EconomyShopGUI.sellall (Allows you to use the sellall command to sell all items in your inventory)

EconomyShopGUI.sellallitem (When you have this permission you are able to sell all specific item(s) inside your inventory when you use a parameter after the /sellall command Example: /sellall baked_potato)

EconomyShopGUI.reload (Allows you to reload all the configuration files)


Download Goals:


1000          ✅ 

2000          ✅

3000          ✅

4000          ❌

5000          ❌




So I first made an Economy plugin called "EconomyPlus" after that i wanted to start my own skyblock server and bought a server.
I wanted to have a GUI shop plugin but I did not found one thats free and how I want it to be.
So i decided to make my very own GUI shop called EconomyShopGUI with alot more features then EconomyPlus.




Vault (You will need this plugin to set up the money!)

Download here.

EssentialsX (We recomend this plugin for the Economy)

Download here.


Plugin videos:

English by Hurly Durly:

If you create an usefull video telling you how to use the plugin, then we will be more then happy to post it on here and give the video maker a shoutout! (Don't forget to link it to our discord)




Shop Main:

Spawners Tab:

Blocks Tab:

Redstone Tab:

Potions Tab:

Others Tab:

Note: All these screenshots are taken from the default config files.
Every shop and items are configure-able in the cofigurations.





Note: All these screenshots are taken from the default config files.
Every option is configure-able how you like.




We would love to hear your suggestion for this plugin and it helps us to make this plugin even better!


If you have any suggestion for what we should add to the plugin, just join our discord server and tell us there or here!




Join our discord support server here!


Note: When using an other spawner plugin like SilkSpawners or Ultimate Stackers, the spawners of this plugin will not work.



For configuration of the configs, you can take a look at our wiki (Still work in progress) for detailed information about how to use/configure the options in the config files.

To do list:


- Make it so you can customize the shop items ingame.

- Add clickable sign. (so players that does not have NPC’s can open shops and buy/sell items)

- Make a video about the plugin. (done)

- Add compatibility with more minecraft versions. (done)


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