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I recently created a new GUI shop plugin! I recommend on downloading that one because it has alott more features and Iam not planning on further updating this plugin! CLICK ME FOR NEW PLUGIN!


this is an plugin that adds money for each player(bank account + money on the player), an server shop, jobs, and a bank where you can deposit money and transfer money!





1. Open then bank where you can transfer money or deposit money!


2. This plugin adds 4 jobs: FISHERMAN / LUMBERJACK / MINER / BUTCHER to earn money!


3. You can see you current balance with a command or on the scoreboard!


4. If a player has an error (no bank account or no normal account) then you can just do /echeck to check if the player has a bank account or a normal account to store their money! If he/she does not have a account the plugin automaticly adds an account with a balance of 0$!


5. You can reload all of the configs using 1 simple command!


6. You can open the server shop to buy and sell items! The best thing is you can change all of the item materials in the config!


7. If you are a admin/owner then you can set the money of a player using 1 command!


8. You can update all of the scoreboards using 1 command!


9. You can pay a player a certain amount using 1 command!


10. The plugin does not need vault or any other economy plugin bcs it adds evrything you need for a nice economy on your server!




1. /bank (this opens the bank where you can deposit money from the player to his bank account)


2. /jobs (this opens a GUI where you can select a job or you can quit your current job) (Info about the jobs are below!)


3. /balance (this checks the current balance)


4. /economycheck (this checks if the current player has an money or bank account and if hi does not have a account the plugin adds it!)


5. /ereload (this reloads all of the configs from this plugin)


6. /shop (this opens the GUI system from the server shop, you can buy or sell stuff with your money on you! YOU CAN NOT BUY SOMETHING WITH MONEY ON YOUR BANK


7. /setmoney (with this command you can set the money of a player)


8. /scoreboardupdate (this command updates the scoreboard that shows your current money) YOU CAN SET THE TIME FROM WHEN IT UPDATES IN THE CONFIG FILE!


9. /pay (with this command you can pay a player an amount of money, if the player is online) THE AMOUNT OF MONEY HAS TO BE ON YOUR NORMAL ACCOUNT




1. (if a player has this permission then you can open the bank)


2. (if you a player has this permission then you can open the bank GUI and you can join all jobs or quit them)


3. EconomyPlus.bal (with this permission a player can see his current balance!)


4. EconomyPlus.check (if you have this permission you can check if an player has an money account or a bank account, if he does not have one the plugin simply adds one!)


5. EconomyPlus.reload (with this permission you can reload the configs that are used with this plugin)


6. (with this permission you can open the server shop and you can buy or sell all items!)


7. EconomyPlus.setmoney (with this permission you can set the amount of money of a player!)


8. EconomyPlus.scoreboardupdate (this updates the scoreboard where you can see the amount of money on you or your bank account)


9. (with this permission you can pay another player a amount of money from your account)


If you do not know how to set up permission for evry player then you can watch this video:




There are 4 jobs in total:



Evry time a player mines, fish, breaks or kills 1 of the following object he will get +1 on a counter from 1/100 when the counter reaches 100 then he gets the loon money you gave in the config!!


You only get your loon if you mine, fish, break or kill 100 of the following objects!


MINER: If you have this job you can get money (amount of money you can change in the config file) when you mine 100 blocks:

1. Stone

2. Diamond Ore

3. Gold Ore

4. Iron Ore

5. Redstone Ore

6. Emerald Ore


LUMBERJACK: If you have this job you get money (amount of money you can change in the config file) from breaking:

1. Oak Log

2. Birch Log

3. Spruce Log

4. Jungle Log

5. Dark Oak Log


FISHER: If you have this job you get money (amount of money you can change in the config file) from fishing:

1. Fishing Rod

2. Name Tag

3. Enchanted Book

4. Bow 

5. Cod

6. Salmon

7. Pufferfish


BUTCHER:  If you have this job you get money (amount of money you can change in the config file) from killing:

1. Cow

2. Chicken

3. Horse

4. Pig

5. Mushroom Cow


If the player gets his loon then he gets a message(you can change this in the config)!





The plugin adds a full customizable!


All items in the shop you can change in the config but you can't add them! 




(This is an example of an item from the shop how it will look like in the config)



  material: "GRASS_BLOCK" <--- Here you can set whatever the material is!

  meta: "Grass"  <--- This is the name that will show up if the player hovers over the item!

  buy: 45  <--- This is the amount of money a player needs to pay for the item to buy!

  sell: 10 <---- This is the amount of money a player gets when he/she sells the item!


Extra info:




If you get killed and you have lets say 5000$ on your account then the killer gets the money but if you have 5000$ on your BANK account and you get killed then the money is safe!(You can enable/disable this in the config)


The plugin automaticly adds a scoreboard for each player with his current money!


Also there is an event for all players that if a player passed level 5,10,15,20,25 or 30 he gets the amount of money that is given for this event in the config! 


How to reach the config file to edit it?


You just have to navigate to your server folder then in your plugins folder and from there there will be a nice map called EconomyPlus! And if you found and opened the map there will be 3 configs: config.yml is the default config for this plugin!




This description from this plugin may not be as clear as possible but if you have an question about this plugin or you are not sure how a thing works ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!!


If you have made a tutorial/showcase video for this plugin you can always send me the link on discord and i will add it to this page!


If You have a bug or a error let me know and i will try to fix it soon as possible!

Or if you have any suggestions like a feature for this plugin, let me know and i can try to add it!





You can join my skyblock server, i hope we can create

together a nice community on it! IP:



If you are configuring the shop in the config file you can use this link for all minecraft item names!


If you like this plugin you can donate to my paypal here:



Have a nice day :D!


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