Economy Gold

A payment and economic system!

EconomyGold is a payment and an economic system. It uses a database connection to display the number of gold that players have online. The owner can access the database anywhere, allowing easy configuration and moderation. EconomyGold also comes with a completely customizable GUI that can be edited in the config.yml file. The customization uses four factors: The material of the item, the display name, the cost, and the command that will be run when a player clicks the item. How to edit/use it will be displayed below.


If a player wants to help another friend out, he/she can use the command /epay to send some gold over. To access the shop window, you can use /eshop to display all the items available. The player can buy whatever they want in the shop.

EconomyGold is also compatible with the Master which allows you to add gold to other players. The plugin is also available in the File tab.


I hope that this plugin was useful. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks!




/eshop: Opens up the GUI to buy items.

/epay <user> <amount>: Pays another user an amount specified. The player has to be online.

/eadd <user> <amount>: Gives another player a certain amount of gold.



master.economyadd: Allows a player to execute the command /eadd. Default permission is OP (means that any OPed player can do /eadd).


About the Master:

The Master is a separate plugin that does a few things differently. It is called a Master for a reason. The one command it has is /eadd, which allows an Administrator/Owner/OPed player to add/subtract gold from another user. It has the same setup as the regular EconomyGold plugin, requiring a database connection to work. There is a permission (see the Permissions above) that allows a user to use the command.


How to set up EconomyGold:

I suggest using XAMPP to set up the database. These are the instructions on how to set it up.

  1. Download XAMPP. When setting up, you must have Admin permissions for this to work. Be sure to save XAMPP to your C:/ drive.
  2. Install the MySQL and Apache service. Click Admin.
  3. Set up the password if needed.
  4. Click New on databases and name it economygold.
  5. For the table name, name it player_data. There should be 3 columns.
  6. For the first row, call it UUID. The type is VARCHAR and the length/value is 60. It has to be 60 or more. Next is NAME. The type is also VARCHAR and the length can be 20 or more. Finally, there is GOLD. The type is INT and the length 5 or more. I personally wouldn't set 5 or more; 5 sets the limit to 99,999 gold, and I don't expect someone to have more than 99,999 gold.
  7. Save it then close out the tab.
  8. OPTIONAL: Port-forward the database using the port you set up to access the database from your server hoster (don't use localhost) or to access it from anywhere.
  9. Drag EconomyGold into your test server. Run it then stop it.
  10. Open up the folder for EconomyGold and open the config.yml.
  11. The config should have a couple of lines like this:

host: 0

port: 0

database: 0

username: 0

password: 0

table: 0



For this next part, you need to use some kind of text editor. I use Sublime Text. Don't use Notepad. Change host: 0 to host: localhost. If you port-forwarded your database change localhost to your IPv4 address.

12. Change port: 0 to port: 3306, change username: 0 to username: root, password: 0 to password: <your password>, and table: 0 to table: player_data.

13. If





Looks like:


shop: {}


Then, delete the curly brackets, press enter, and type items:


It should look like:





 21. Press enter after items:. This is an example of one of the units. Fill in all the necessary information.





    name: Shepard | Cost 10

    cost: 10

    command: give @p black_wool


 22. Repeat the same thing 18 times if you want to fill the whole shop. If you want nothing, for the material just do AIR or LIGHT_GRAY_GLASS_PANE or whatever the material is.


If you run into any issues, join the Discord link below for some help.


YouTube Link Here:



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