• Easy setup and config.
  • Customizable messages.
  • Teleport to spawn on first join/join/respawn/void fall.
  • Teleportation delay.
  • Block /spawn command in PvP.
  • Player join, player quit, first join broadcast.
  • Player join, first join welcome message.
  • Set fly/gamemode on join.
  • Check for new updates.


  • /setspawn - Set spawn
  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn
  • /spawn [player] - Teleport other player to spawn
  • /easyss or /easyss help - Help command
  • /easyss info - Plugin info
  • /easyss reload - Reload config
  • /easyss setdelay [seconds] - Set teleportation delay


  • easysetspawn.setspawn - /setspawn
  • easysetspawn.spawn - /spawn
  • easysetspawn.teleportothers - /spawn [player]
  • easysetspawn.help - /easyss or /easyss help
  • easysetspawn.info - /easyss info
  • easysetspawn.reload - /easyss reload
  • easysetspawn.setdelay - /easyss setdelay [seconds]
  • easysetspawn.bypassdelay - Bypass teleportation delay
  • easysetspawn.bypasscmdblock - Bypass block of /spawn command
  • easysetspawn.* - Global Permission


  • Download the plugin.
  • Put EasySetSpawn.jar into the plugins folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Set spawn.
  • Modify config.yml if you need (Optional).
  • Reload config (if you modified config.yml).


  • Download the plugin.
  • Replace the plugin with the new one in the plugins folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Modify config.yml to look like the older one.
  • Reload config.

More Info

  • Big thanks to Ahmed Saints for donating.
  • Default Config | Spigot Page
  • If you find any bug please send an issue in GitHub.
  • This plugin sends information of usage to bStats. If you want to disable it, just change "metrics: true" to "metrics: false" in the config.yml or disable it in the bStats configuration file.
  • This plugin sends a request to GitHub to detect if you are using the latest version. If you want to disable it, just change "check-version.enabled" to "false" in the config.yml. Since version 3.3 this comes disabled by default.


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