This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

EasyPVP v2.1 (Release)

Hey Guys, i just made a new Version of EasyPVP, because the Beta was bad. EasyPVP v2.1 runs on Bukkit 1.8

Changelog EasyPVP v2.1:

  • Fixed Item/Armor Bug.
  • Maintenance is now saved to the config.yml
  • Rods of live implemented. (If 'REVIVESTONE' true in config, players have a chance to get a rod of live, who will heal the player to maximum health on death instead of death.
  • Percentchance for rods can be configurated (0.1 = 10%, 1=100%)
  • Added MySQL Support (not implemented yet, but the bools for host, user, db, password, etc.)


  • Multilanguage Support (German/English)
  • Chose red or blue team (Scoreboard will do the players red or blue)
  • Configurable Armor, (Potions, not yet), and Tools.
  • Get old inventory back after using the /pvp leave command.
  • Get old armor back after using the /pvp leave command.
  • Multiworld-supported. (not really tested yet)
  • Ready for Java 8!
  • Rod of live


  • /pvp <blue/red/leave>
  • /pvp disable
  • /eSpawn <blue/red>
  • /language
  • /eReload

Disabled commands in Arena:

  • /Home
  • /Gamemode
  • /Warp
  • /Tpa
  • /Spawn


  • Add some more features (Suggestions to me please)
  • Maybe add experience drops on death. (Tell me if you want this, that could be awesome)

Permissions can be found here:


Config.yml can be found here:


Other things:

v2.1 is out now, some fixes and new "Rod of live" feature


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