EasyKits Pre 1.8 Instructions


To create a kit, simply arrange your inventory and armor with the items you would like in the kit.

/kit create [kitname]

To set a price for a kit run the following:

/kit price [kitname] [price]

To set a cooldown time for a kit run the following:

NOTE: Time format examples: 10s, 1m, 1h, 1d

/kit cooldown [kitname] [cooldown]

To set the max use of a given kit run the following:

/kit maxuse [kitname] [maxuse]

To view all kits player has permission to obtain the kits book with the following:

/kit book

To reset players cooldown or maxuse on a kit type the following:

/kit reset cooldown [kitname] [player]
/kit reset maxuse [kitname] [player]

This book will always contain an updated list of kits. A max a 54 kits can be displayed. Simply right click to open. The inventory will show have a book for each kit. click to view contents of kit. If you would like to obtain this click, click the nether star in the bottom right corner.


If you you prefer commands you can list kits with the following:

/kit list

To show contents of a kit:

/kit show [kitname]

To obtain a kit:

/kit [kitname]


To create a sign type [kit] then kitname on next line

You'll know you did it right if it looks like this:

Right click to use sign.
You can set in the config whether using the sign shows the kit or equips the kit by setting 'Sign-Use' to either 'show -or- equip'


  • EasyKits.* - Admin node. Access to all.
  • EasyKits.cmd.* - Admin node. Access to all commands.
  • EasyKits.kits.* - Admin node. Access to all kits.
  • EasyKits.kits.[kitname] - Access to the kit [kitname]
  • EasyKits.cmd.reload - Access to /kit reload
  • EasyKits.cmd.create - Access to /kit create
  • EasyKits.cmd.remove - Access to /kit remove
  • EasyKits.cmd.give - Access to /kit give
  • EasyKits.cmd.list - Access to /kit list - Access to /kit book
  • EasyKits.cmd.show - Access to /kit show - Allow opening kit in book.
  • EasyKits.cmd.reset - Access to /kit reset
  • EasyKits.kits.cooldown - Force player to use cooldown time.
  • EasyKits.kits.maxuse - Set Max use for each kit.
  • EasyKits.kits.bypassprice - Bypass price of kit if economy is enabled.
  • EasyKits.sign - Allow creation of kit signs

Permission Wildcards Explained


  • /kit create [kitname]
  • /kit remove [kitname]
  • /kit cooldown [kitname] [cooldown]
  • /kit maxuse [kitname] [maxuse]
  • /kit price [kitname] [price]
  • /kit book
  • /kit list
  • /kit show [kitname]
  • /kit reset [cooldown/maxuse] [kitname] [player]
  • /kit [kitname]
  • /kit give [player] [kitname]
  • /kit reload


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