This is in development. There may be bugs. Report them by sending them to me in a PM or create a ticket.

EasyEssentials 0.9 for 1.6.2

EasyEssentials is a plugin full of easy commands, and will update with more commands once I learn how to program them.

How this was made:

It all started when I encountered Java. I started to program using it, and made a simple form. Then I went on to Bukkit to see what new plugins there were. I was just like, hmm, same, same, same.. It was full of things I wasn't interested in! So I decided, "Hey! Let's make a Bukkit plugin full of essential commands!" I looked up tutorials, and found a couple, programmed a lot, and programmed the rest with a little help from the forums! When this plugin was made, it started out with 18 commands.

A lot of effort was put into this plugin, please Donate


Go here for the Permissions and Commands http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/easyessentials/pages/commands-and-permissions/


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