You know, you build a new server and you need a shop. But its soo hard too build one of this big shops, for every item a sign and a chest, for over 400 items!

This Plugins is the solution. A Command shop... you don't have to build something :D


  • Command Shop
  • Signshop (In Progress)
  • Quick and easy
  • Good compatibility
  • finished price list, so you must edit nothing, only if you what ;)
  • gigantic list of item name. So you can use for example "/shop buy apple"
  • cool ideas to add :D

How to set-up?

  1. Install Vault
  2. Put the shop.jar in your Plugins folder!
  3. Add Permissions
  4. ready :D


For example: 1: 20
Mean that 1 (stone) cost 20 dollars.

You can also use: "locked" - mean that nobody can buy this item Or "only-item" - mean that this "block" is only buy able as item, for example the bed, you can't buy the bed block, only the item


  • /shop
    • Show Command informations
  • /shop buy <id | name> <amount>
    • the buy command ;)
  • /shop sell <id | name> <amount>
    • The sell Command
  • /shop info <id | name> <amount>
    • Show the price of a Item and you can put a amount and the plugin will calculate the price


  • - shop.buy
  • - shop.sell
  • - shop.info


To set the Language go to the config file and edit the point "language"

  • English - (en)
  • Deutsch - (de)
  • Spanish - (es)
  • more will come

Thanks to Mr_SpeedArt for the Spanish Translation

To do

  • add more languages
  • add all blocks with "more block behind", add "ID:extension"
  • log file for buy to check who buy something (for example diamonds)
  • Showcase
  • a Chest shop that build it self (no build)
  • add a player for player shop
  • add new ideas

If you found buggs, have ideas or can help me add more Languages, pleas send me a message :) Hope you like it Omix22 :D


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