Easy Plant

Do not waste your time by placing every single seed. With this plugin you can plant a whole stack of seeds with one click.



The algorithm will search for neighboring soil blocks and place the seeds if the block above is empty. This also works for fields with steps that are at most one block high.

Since v1.2 you can place single seeds while sneaking.


  • easyplant.*
    • Grants all permissions of this plugin
  • easyplant.seeds
  • easyplant.potato
  • easyplant.carrot
  • easyplant.melon
  • easyplant.pumpkin
  • easyplant.nether_wart


Coming soon

  • Sugar Canes


In order to determine some statistics about popularity of versions and the plugin itself I am using the Metrics plugin. If you do not want your server to be tracked, please turn Metrics off on your server.

From Hidendra: "As a server owner, you are free to question the service, welcome it, or deny it. All plugins that support Metrics use the same opt-out and as such you may opt out of further data at any time. You may ask myself any question and I will do my best to answer it - I am as open as possible with Plugin Metrics / MCStats and hope this will help you understand what exactly it is.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. If this folder does not exist, you do not have any metrics-enabled plugins installed :)"


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