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Hello, this is my first bukkit plugin I've made. This plugin add's Easy-Commands to your Server. Basically this plugin just makes everyday commands shorter. Example: Instead of typing (/gamemode {name} 1 or /gmc you can now just do /c etc.)

If you find any bugs please comment them down below or email me at: hybridmcpvp@hotmail.com


/a - Set's game mode to Adventure

/c - Set's game mode to Creative

/d - De-op's a player - Still working on deop so when you deop someone it will deop them and not you.

/echelp - Display's help page

/fl - Enable's fly mode - Still working on fly so when you type it again you'll stop flying.

/o - OP's a player - Still working on op so if you op someone it will let them know instead of you.

/s - Set's game mode to Survival

What do you want me to add?

Just comment on what you want me to add. If you know of a command that is really long to type out tell me and I'll try to make it a shorter plugin.


  • ec.a.use
  • ec.c.use
  • ec.d.use
  • ec.echelp.use
  • ec.fl.use
  • ec.o.use
  • ec.s.use

Hope you enjoy the plugin. Make sure to leave feedback and if you want me to improve or add something than let me know please.



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