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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.8
  • 1.5.2


AntiJoinBot 5.0

  • Compatible with Spigot and CraftBukkit from 1.5.2 (oldest version tested) to 1.10.2 (newest version tested). Other version can work too but are untested

What is New:

  • UUID Support and Database Migration (Check the Notes for more details).
  • Downloadable Blacklist on Server Start.
  • Plugin Metrics (You can check them here:
  • /ajb reload command: Reloads config and database connection.
  • /ajb help command: Prints some information about the plugin.
  • Reload support (Untested, but it shouldn't break the plugin now)

What Changed:

  • Blacklist order is now changed (if you're updating from an older version, you should put "stopforumspam" blacklist first)
  • Local IPs that start with 192.168.0.* are now left out from the checks.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Moved the SQLite database to the plugin folder (If you have a file called "offline_data.db" in your server's root, please move it inside the AntiJoinBot folder).
  • Quick Toggling is now done with "/ajb toggle", rather then only "/ajb"
  • IPs are now saved everytime on RAM, even if database connection is unavailable.
  • Command output is now more user friendly.

What was Removed:

  • Intuxication blacklist.


  • Downloadable Blacklist might be slow for the first start. As far as I tested it took 10 sec for SQLite, 30 sec for Local MySQL, 4 min for Remote MySQL. After that, newer downloads should take no more then 2 seconds. (Can be disabled if you really need).
  • Intuxication was removed as it wasn't much effective and it was also causing thread crashes when it was offline.
  • UUIDs are now supported but they aren't activated by default. To activate them put into the "OfflineMode" part of the config, "Enabled: false". If you are updating from an older version of AntiJoinBot, then you should also put "MigrateUUID: true" (it will be switched back to false after a successful migration).
Here are some examples of UUID configurations:

MC Version >1.7.5, Online Mode and never used this plugin:

    Enabled: false
    MigrateUUID: false

MC Version >1.7.5, Online Mode and updating from an older version of this plugin:

    Enabled: false
    MigrateUUID: true

MC Version >1.7.5 and Offline Mode:

    Enabled: true
    MigrateUUID: false

MC Version <=1.7.5, both Offline and Online Mode (If you don't have an UUID patched version, else check the ones above)

    Enabled: true
    MigrateUUID: false

- Since I'm not very experienced with coding, you can give me some help/advice from the Source code.
- /reload may broke this plugin... Restart your server instead.
- Config Reload only reloads Database informations, this will be fixed next version.