Eagle Eye


Know what happens on your server !

EagleEye is a very simple and lightweight plugin who logs the events which happen on the server. It puts this infos in text files so you can find out what happened just by clicking on a file.

These things are written in log files, with the date they have been made:

  • when a player connect/disconnect/is kicked (display player IP and world)
  • when a player speak in the chat (display the message and if this message whas modified or created by a plugin or by the server)
  • when a player try to do a command (display the command and the name of the plugin's command)
  • when a player use an item or a block, like a chest or a sword (display the name of the player, his location, the name of the item/block he used)
  • when a player break a block (display the name of the player, his location, the tool he used, the name of the block and its location)
  • when a player place a block (display the name of the player, his location, the name of the block and its location)

    Understand what is written !

    http://dev.bukkit.org/media/images/56/959/us-en.jpeg http://dev.bukkit.org/media/images/56/958/france.jpg

EagleEye supports english and french natively. You don't need any file modification to change the language used by EagleEye: just type a command and EagleEye will change immedialty his language, in the chat or the server console, but in log files too.
And on top of that, this translation does not use any external file, everything is embedded in the plugin.
Since v1.3.2, the server's language is detected automatically so you don't have to do anything !

Keep log files clean without losses !

EagleEye clear automatically the log files when they are too big, according to the configuration you decided. But the informations aren't lost: they're moved to an other file which is compressed.

Save space storage !


With a simple command, you can compress and delete the EagleEye's files. It's very useful to make saves of your logs.

You can compress (and delete if you want):

  • every old log files (results of a log clearing, they are in the /old_logs folder)
  • every new log files (the files not yet cleared, they are in the /new_logs folder)
  • every files of the EagleEye plugin (everything in the /plugins/EagleEye folder, include old logs, new logs, configuration's file and EagleEye.jar)

And besides, you can extract .zip archives to restore your files.

Stay up to date !

EagleEye include an updates checker (you can disable it if you want). It means when you start or reload your server, or when you type the command /ee-update check, EagleEye will tell you if he is up to date, if a new update if available or not.

Since v1.3.0, you can see the description of the new version and it new awesomes features. You're also able to get informations about the current version of EagleEye you use. Isn't it awesome ?


EagleEye 1.3.3 is compatible with these craftbukkit versions:


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