2.0.327 - Main



  • The Main Idea was to show Paths or Railtracks on the Dynmap, as a small colored Line.
  • With the right usage, you can track a hole trail network for you server.


  • Stable Version!
  • The next version (2.2b42 or higher) will be out sep./oct. 2013!
  • Please report Bugs.
  • <sub>Thank you for the $ 20 donation.</sub>



  • Shows tracked Paths as a colored line on the Dynmap.
  • Many options to sort the Paths. Just try it.
  • Guided Setups when creating Paths, Styles, Layers and Stations.
  • You will love it. If not, post a comment, why not. :-)

List of Servers using DynTrack

Commands & Permissions


  • See The color List
  • Use the values from the Hex Column. (0xFFFFFF = White etc.)


  • Whatever you want. Post a comment!


  • First install Dynmap.
  • You can also use Vault for Permissions.
  • Paste the DynTrack.jar in your plugins folder!
  • Start your server.
  • If you would like to use a database:
    • Edit the config.yml in the DynTrack folder.
    • Reload / Restart you server.
  • Enjoy!

For Developers

  • You can use the DynTrackAPI.
  • This contains some features, you can discover by your own. Our you can send me an message. I'ld like to help you!
  • Just load the API with:
org.net4players.odinoxin.dyntrack.DynTrackAPI api = ((org.net4players.odinoxin.dyntrack.DynTrack) this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("DynTrack")).getAPI();

MCStats :: DynTrack