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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0
  • 1.6.4



  • All in all a small update.
  • Formal update for 1.6.4-R2.0
  • Fixed bug when copy data from a path or square.
  • Changed some words in the editors.
  • Fixed the bug, that at a point the name of the layer was displayed instead of the id.


  • Updated for 1.6.2-R1.0
  • Added Intro
  • Added Editor
  • Added Squares
  • Added Links
  • Removed Stations
  • Removed API for Developers.
  • Added some new permissions.


  • Fixed some design stuff.


  • Complete new DynTrack!
  • Does the same as before, but much better.
  • More options.
  • Easier usage.
  • Database-Support.
  • Has still Vault-Support for Permissions.
  • API for Developers.
  • Removed Language-Support.
  • MCStats-Support for Statistics.
  • Updated for 1.4.7-R1.0

[+ Add] [- Remove] [* Bugfix] [... Known bug / not available yet] 1.7 (final status, please report bus and new features you want to fix/add)

[+] Different Layers support

[+] Infos about Paths, Types and Layers

[+] Can hide pathname and pathtype for any path.

[*] Edit command-using.

[+] new Permissions!

[*] "NoLaggChunk-Bug" fixed!

[ ] Hopefully i didn't forgot anything :-/


[+] (optional) Autoupdating: Paths can be reguarly reloaded from the Server now.(Setup your config!)(This needs more RAM!)

[+] You can now remove more than 1 trackpoint, when tracking, by using /dyntr back 12345

[+] You can edit the connection between the last and first trackpoint now, by using /dyntr set connect true|false

[+] New permission: dyntrack.set.connect

[*] If you finished a new Path, only this will be updated and not all (less RAM used!)

[*] Coords will be round now, when autotracking. (less RAM used!)

[*] Setup max. pathsize -> Will automaticly finish the path. (e.g. 500 trackpoints) (less RAM used, if setup rational)


[+] Vaultsupport (If the server is not running Vault, Only OP's are allowed to use DynTrack)

[...] "Bug: If I start, stop or pause a Dyntrack, no Chunks are loading on Teleport. (only Mobs and pictures) Only solution: Server-Restart!" Not fixed yet.


[+] Shows DynTrack-Version, when using /dyntr

[+] Shows used Pathtypes, whtn using /dyntr

[-] PathList is no longer used!

[*] Everything revised, that uses files in DynTrack

[+] styles.yml


[*] Some few Bugfixes

[+] Spaces just: write /dyntr start This_Way_contains_Spaces

[+] Words can be replaces with other Words: Pathname: -> Name: (Watch your config)!


[+] Default hide dyntrack_config.yml (Should DynTrack be defaultly hide on dynmap?)


[+] Permissions [...] Not tested!

[+] Minzoom can choose in Configfile (dyntrack_config.yml)

[+] From and To can be set for a paht. Like pahtname: TestA pathtype: testtype from: house: to: cerulancity

[*] If a player is tracking, only he can now set trackpoints ;-) (Thanks to benurb)


[+] Pathtypes are now usefull! (Parhcolor, -weigth, -opacity)

[+] Can now delete hole Pathtype-Group.


[+] Can now delete Paths!

[+] Infos aboud DynTrack (/dyntr [info]) [] VersionNr. shows always 0.0

[*] Tidy up the Soucre Code :)

[...] Cannnot choose a PathColor (always "dynTrack-Green")

[...] PathType has no effect

First Release!

[+] Tracking

[+] Show Paths on Dynmap!

[+] Can connect first and last Trackpoint with /dynTr track stop connect

[...] Cannot choose PathColor

[...] PathType has no effect

[...] Cannot delete Paths

[...] And lots more :/... Will be fixed soon!

[*] Can now track as many Paths as you want, without reload the Server.