• The Main Idea was to show Paths or Railtracks on the Dynmap, as a small colored Line.
  • If you track the whole trail network for your server, then you can easily navigate through that network via the Dynmap to arrive quickly at your destination.

    5 Elements, which you should know, before reading the following...
Element Function
Style Gives other elements a color, opacity and width.
Layer Enables/disables contained elements on the Dynmap.
Path Represents a line on the Dynmap.
Square Represents an area on the Dynmap.
Link Connects different paths and squares.


  • Track your paths and squares, to display them on the Dynmap.
  • Create connections between paths and squares.
  • Color you paths, squares and links. Also set an opacity and width for them.
  • Sort your elements in different layers.

  • Many options for elements to display, for a better overview:
    • Name the elements.
    • Set, where a path comes from and where it goes to.
    • Display a list, with which Links the Path is connected, in chronological order.

  • Create elements with an easy-to-use setup:
    • Just start the setup.
    • The setup will request you, to type in the specific values.
    • The setup will also explain you, which effect the options have.
    • The setup will tell you, which values are valid.
  • Edit elements with an easy-to-use editor:
    • This works in the same way, as setups do. ;-)
  • Integrated Intro, which helps you understanding DynTrack:
    • The Intro will start automatically, after a while.
    • The Intro will NOT start, if you already have a path or a square.
    • If the Intro annoyes you anyway, then set your permission "dyntrack.info.intro.noauto" to "true"!

Commands & Permissions

  • There are only a few commands, to keep it simple. :)
    • The main command is /dynTrack
    • All commands can be found on this page.
  • And there are some permissions to be flexible.
    • The main permission (for everything) is dyntrack.*
    • All permissions can be found on this page.

Server List

Download & Installation

  • Follow the installation introductions!
  • The current version is 2.4b1
  • Currently, there is no new version in development.
    • If you need an update for a newer Minecraft version, let me know it.
    • If you found an error / bug, please report it to me.
    • New ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

For Developers

  • If you need a DynTrackAPI, write a commend what the API should include!
    I'ld like to work with you together!


  • An Error occured? Perhaps this page can help you.
  • Support is available in english and german. Just contact me. MCStats :: DynTrack


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