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  • _ForgeUser7789300 created this issue Nov 26, 2011

    Is there any chance that an feature be introduced that would limit shop so that they are only accessible in a certain area. This was possible through the use of the DMWrapper by GoalieGuy6 ( but it is now inactive.

    Effectively, using commands to access the shop would not work unless a player is in the shop-specific predefined region (either using World Guard's regions like DMWrapper, or a new system).

    I am an administrator on the Porkchop Sammiches Minecraft server (our forums can be found at, and our server can be joined at and we are moving to a more Role Playing style game. Looking around for a suitable plugin to run the commercial sector and I found this one, and man, its bloody fantastic. The only problem that I have though is that being able to access a shop anywhere and at anytime isn't really Role Playing.

    We would be very appreciative at the addition of this feature, and I'm sure the community would love it too,


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  • _ForgeUser7852203 posted a comment Nov 27, 2011

    Nice idea, but first of all I have to fix some bugs. But it will added sometime :)

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  • _ForgeUser6838542 posted a comment Jan 11, 2012

    This sounds like a really nice idea :)

    I admit that i doesn't have intention of using this as i like the idea of parting the sops op i categories :)

    But the idea is nice. And i'm pretty sure it will be used :)

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