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What does it do

Throws a player in to the air when he steps on a wooden or stone pressure plate, and makes sure he doesn't take fall damage when he comes back down. The velocity and no fall damage can be customized for each type of pads (iron, gold, diamond, emerald, lapis and redstone) in the config file. Why should you download this? It has awesome effects, that's why.

How does it work

Place a pressure plate on top of a iron, gold, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli or redstone block. By default, iron, gold and diamond will be enabled and with no fall damage.

You can change the cooldown from when the player uses a pad until he can use it again (counted in ticks (20 pr. sec)) and the no fall damage feature and vertical velocity that will be added from each type of pads.


  • pad: Info about pads.


  • dynpad.*: Use all types of pads.
  • dynpad.iron: Use iron pads.
  • dynpad.gold: Use gold pads.
  • dynpad.diamond: Use diamond pads.
  • dynpad.emerald: Use emerald pads.
  • dynpad.lapis: Use lapis pads.
  • dynpad.redstone: Use redstone pads.

Old showcase video by damnnicholas


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