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    Jul 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.1
  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1
  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


Version 1.8:

  • Handle broken mods that have custom biomes without biome IDs (prevent exception)
  • Add 'hidenames' option to update component: hide player names
  • Fix handling of custom colors (not exclusive with normal biome shading)
  • Optimize chunks needed calculation - up to 60% reduction in loaded chunks in hires renders
  • Support 1.6.1 resource packs (texture packs still supported on all versions)
  • Add join message delay - allow nicknames to be set before join message sent to web
  • Bandaid for MrApple's CB 1.6.1
  • Add support for MC 1.6.1 blocks
  • Add support for Resource Packs (used the same as Texture Packs)
  • Update support for CTM texture and resource packs
  • Handle exceptions for hash files in non-existent directories
  • Add TPS-sensitive pause settings for full/update renders (fullrender-min-tps), update renders (update-min-tps), and zoom out processing (zoomout-min-tps)
  • Add per tick time limits (per-tick-time-limit)
  • Add /dynmap purgeworld <world> command for bulk world file cleanup
  • Add /dynmap purgemap command (delete all tiles for selected map)
  • Add single world update queue purge command option: /dynmap purgequeue <world>
  • Add /dynmap version command
  • Add option to control chunk snapshot cache reference type (weak vs soft - default=soft)
  • Clean up handling of hash file reset (hash file write errors)
  • Remove debug spam on player permission sorting
  • Add 'nogui=true' URL option for minimal web map (no controls)
  • Add SlabCraft block rendering
  • Add StairCraft block rendering support
  • Update mystcraft support - handle new config file name (1.5.2)
  • Fix breaks in BiomesOPlenty v0.5.5
  • Support for Natura block rendering
  • Fix /dynmap purgequeue to purge whole queue
  • Fix problem with names with color markup in tooltips
  • Fix gold color code (&6) color on web UI
  • Add Essentials Group Manager permissions support (allow offline permissions for web)
  • Update MineFactoryReloaded support for v1.5.x
  • Add player-sort-permission-nodes setting: use player permissions to control order of player on player list
  • Update ExtraBees to support v1.5.2
  • Add support for Immibis Microblocks block rendering
  • Update Soul Shards support for v1.5.x
  • Fix duplication of chat events on web UI when server is loaded or lagging
  • Miscellaneous performance tuning
  • Add Pam's HarvestCraft Turnips block rendering (thanks to brakhtus)
  • Add 'wateralpha' setting for Topo map shader - make water transparent
  • Don't include hidden players in player count on web if not in player list
  • Handle dynamic name updates on web UI
  • Add 'use-name-colors' setting - support for using color/style codes in player names on web UI (including magic text)
  • Fix handling of marker set JSON when JSON mode and login support enabled
  • Add 'updateplayerlimit' - pause tile update processing when player count equals or exceeds limit
  • Handle malformed JSON chat timestamps
  • Handle broken JSON properly (sometimes happens on Apache)
  • Fix hearts being under player name background, some other CSS fine tuning (thanks to KovuTheHusky!)
  • Add /dmarker importdesc and /dmarker importlabel to import from files
  • Add /dmarker commands for getting and modifying description text
  • Update Thaumcraft block rendering support for 1.5.x (still partial)
  • Update Biomes-O-Plenty block rendering support for v1.5.x
  • Add UndergroundBiomes block rendering support