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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1
  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3
  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


Version 1.4:

  • Add 'tileupdatedelay' setting (global, per world, or per map) - limits how often tiles that are repeatedly modified will be rendered (reduce load due to automation such as quarries, machines)
  • Added TerraFirmaCraft block rendering support
  • Add XyCraft block rendering support
  • Major updates to Forestry and Red Power 2 block rendering support
  • Improved rendering accuracy on fences and walls
  • Added support for Greg's Lighting, MystCraft, ExtraBees and additional Thermal Expansion support - Thanks to HanFox and dannybear!
  • [Bukkit] Fix API use issue that broke v1.2.5 support
  • [Forge] Fix error with throttling of chunk loading which often causes the chunks-per-tick limit to be far exceeded (causing lag)
  • Improve debug information during calls to server thread (chunk loading, etc)
  • Improve parsing of Forge configuration files
  • Support for IC2 Advanced Power Management (thanks to dannybear!)
  • Support for IC2 Advanced Solar Panels (thanks to dannybear!)
  • Support for Thermal Expansion (thanks to HanFox!)
  • [Forge] Improve default world names (such as 'world/Twilight Forest')
  • Add support for hiding players that have active invisibility potions (controlled by hide-if-invisiblity-potion setting)
  • [Forge] Add controllable render-triggers: blockupdate, lightingupdate, chunkgenerate, chunkpopulate(v1.4.6+). Also, blockupdate-with-id triggr (blockupdate with extra logging data to track which block IDs are source of updates).
    Also, performance debug trigger 'blockupdate-with-id'- same as blockupdate trigger, but shows counts by block ID and data value to determine which block types are driving changes (via /dynmap triggerstats command)
  • Tune performance of chunk fetching on server thread - reduce lag
  • Add support for Fancy Fences wall rendering
  • Add workaround for IE10 zoom issue (force IE9 compatibility)
  • Add support for reporting available dynmap version updates