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    Feb 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


Version 0.33

  • Update to new 1.1 event system (1.1-R5 ready)
  • Update internal web server (Jetty v8.1.1)
  • Add disable API for internal chat-to-web processing (prep for Dynmap-HeroChat)
  • Disable existing HeroChat component (incompatible with new event model - Dynmap-HeroChat will support HeroChat 5.41, when released)
  • Make UI handle non-standard world heights and sea level values
  • Big improvements in performance on 'blockphysics' and 'blockfromto' triggers - much fewer unneeded render triggers
  • Add optional send message push button for web UI (chatbox component)
  • Delay player join web message reporting slightly, so that player hiding mods like VNP have time to hide player before we report
  • Add global setting for image-format - changes all HDMaps that don't have their own image-format setting
  • Add support for current 1.2-prerelease blocks, including inverted stairs, redstone lamps.
  • Add default shader 'lit-cave' for cave view that only shows caves with lighting
  • Fix problem with texture packs with custom_water_still.png but no custom_water_flowing.png
  • Add smooth movement of player icons on map view
  • Fix problem with /dmap worldset <world> center:here
  • Fix error with not listing players on disabled worlds
  • Fix 'stokeWeight' typo in Area and Polyline markers - kept custom stroke weight from being preserved properly