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    Feb 13, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


Version 0.32

  • Added 'structuregrow' trigger - update on sapling growing to tree, mushroom growing giant
  • Add assertPlayerVisbility() API (for other plugins)
  • Add Poly-Line Markers - multi-line-segment map markers (for marking things like raile routes, roads, etc)
  • Migrate event handling to new 1.1 event system (breaks compatibility with CB 1.0.1 and earlier)
  • Add 'maxofflinetime' setting to 'markers' component - age out old 'offline player' markers
  • Add smooth lighting support (via 'smooth-lighting' setting - global setting and per-lighting setting) - makes lighting and shadows very smooth (no blocky edges)
  • Make smooth swamp biome shading 'extra smooth' (like smooth lighting - no block edges)
  • Add support for /dmarker add and /dmarker update supporting explicit coordinates (x, y, z, world)
  • /dmarker add corner command now requires Y coordinate when adding using explicit coordinates
  • Some initial support for Forestry mod rendering (resources, ores)
  • Add support for controlling show/hide of marker labels per marker set (versus just globally), via 'showlabels' atttribute
  • Fix 'includehiddenplayers: true' problem - caused all player markers to be hidden
  • Add default lighting definitions for using smooth lighting (shadows-smooth, night-smooth, etc)