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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


Version 0.29.1

  • Make new render improvements, which require full map renders to make the maps look right, disabled by default on existing installs (the default configuration.txt will enable them, as will adding the following settings to configuration.txt):

use-generated-textures: true
correct-water-lighting: true
correct-biome-shading: true

Version 0.29

  • Add a bunch of render improvements and options, to make maps better match native client:
    - Add texture generators for fire, lava, water
    - Fix water lighting and biome shading to match MC client
    - Fix lily, birch, pine leaf shading to match client
    - Add 'better-grass' setting - allows grass and snow to be rendered as done by BetterGrass mod
    - Generate lily pads with same orientation pattern as native UI
  • Add support for RedPower2 blocks
  • Add support for tailoring block IDs in RedPower2, IndustrialCraft2, and BuildCraft support with configuration.txt settings
  • Add /dynmap updaterender command - renders starting at selected location and continuing until tiles not needing update are reached
  • Added support for correlating player logins with their IP addresses, and using this to label (and even block) web chat (via use-player-login-ip, require-player-login-ip, block-banned-player-chat settings)
  • Add /dynmap add-id-for-ip and /dynmap del-id-for-ip to allow manual add and remove player ID to IP mappings, and /dynmap ids-for-ip and /dynmap ips-for-id to query the data.
  • Added 'link' UI component - adds 'link' button to generate URL for current window view, with all view-sensitive parameter (world, map, zoom, position)
  • Add 'blockfromto' and 'blockphysics' triggers - needed for lava and water flowing driven updates
  • Add hideifsneaking option for hiding players that are sneaking/crouching
  • Add support for optional spawn-bed layer (show player's spawn beds) (showspawnbeds, spawnbed* settings)
  • Made the sidebar use clicking instead of hovering for mobile devices (thanks FrozenCow!)
  • Add 'followmap' and 'followzoom' to allow setting of map and zoom when a user is selected to be followed
  • Added 'hidechat' URL parameter - turns off all chat components on loaded window
  • Add 'pinned' choice for showlayercontrol: setting - show expanded layer selection all the time
  • General code structure work, prepping code for other server ports
  • Updated sample maps in worlds.txt to be HD maps
  • Add customization/translation for "Players" and "Map Types" UI labels
  • Fix jQuery problem with double questionmarks (??) in web chat
  • Improve browser cache behavior with tiles (cache more often)
  • Prevent caching of configuration URL on JSON file mode
  • Make 2D outlines support Y coordinates other than y=64
  • Reconnect active command output to player after restart, logoff/logon