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    Dec 28, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


Version 0.28

  • Fix for slow memory leak in chunk snapshot cache (IMPORTANT FIX for folks with large maps) - thanks to @snowleo (in @essentialsteam) for getting me looking the right place for this!
  • Add 'minzoom' setting for marker sets - allows markers in set to only be visible at settable minimum zoom in level.
  • Corresponding API support for 'minzoom'
  • Add 'chatname' URL parameter, to allow web chat name to be supplied by web user (requires 'trustclientname: true' setting, as well as new 'allowurlname: true' on 'chat' compnent)
  • Add 'playername' URL parameter, to allow web to be launched following a given player
  • Fix handling of cases when biome texture pack images (grasscolor.png, foliagecolor.png, watercolor.png) are transparent (as in Painterly texture packs)
  • Handle issues with border tiles sometimes showing as white with JPG image-format
  • Add handling of Essential /nick style color coding in player display names (&0-&f codes are stripped)
  • New default shaders, perspectives, and lightings are now merged with existing shaders.txt, perspectives.txt, and lightings.txt - adds missing ones, but doesn't overwrite existing (possibly tailored) ones.