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    Dec 10, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


Version 0.26

  • Add support for topographical maps shader (TopoHDShader)
  • RETIRED regions component (old Residence, Factions, WorldGuard, Towny support) - switch to add on plugins (Dynmap-<mod>).
  • Add workarounds for 1.0.0 issues with excessive backlogs with TickList
  • Add tiles-rendered-at-once setting to control number of triggered update tiles to process concurrently
  • Various rendering performance tweaks
  • Improve efficiency of marker update events - better support large marker populations
  • Add 'fullrenderplayerlimit' - pause fullrender processing when number of active players is above set limit
  • Add '/dynmap pause' command to allow pausing and resuming of fullrender and/or update render processing
  • Support IP banning of messages from external web servers (proxied with internal - not JSON)
  • Add 'hidey' option to 'coords' component to hide Y coordinate
  • Fix playermarker component so that player's location is middle of icon (was top-left corner)
  • Add support for 8x8 and 32x32 markers (in addition to existing 16x16 support)
  • Add '/dynmap triggerstats' to view details of tile updates caused by various triggers
  • Add additional performance metrics to '/dynmap stats'
  • Automatically reload UI when configuration changes, server restarts, new worlds added
  • Fix problem with handling worlds with periods in name
  • Fix problem with dropping of some points in complex border outlines at some zoom levels
  • Make compass rose smaller on mobile devices
  • Add APIs for pausing/resuming render processing
  • Publish DynmapWebChatEvent custom event, method for sending chat messages
  • Publish hide/show player API