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    Nov 24, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337


Version 0.25

  • Finished support for 1.0.0 GA
  • Deprecated 'regions' component (still functional for 0.25, but being removed in 0.26), in favor of new Dynmap-Residence, Dynmap-WorldGuard, Dynmap-Towny, and Dynmap-Factions plugins
  • Revamped biome color schemes, including adding new 1.0.0 biomes
  • Optimize marker JSON and persistence file updates - improve performance of large marker sets
  • Switch default compass-mode for new installs to 'newnorth' (optimal for 1.0.0 map orientation)
  • Add trigger statistics, viewable by /dynmap triggerstats command
  • Fix bug with new sign-based markers showing <br/>
  • Fix various texture mappings on some blocks (rails, stairs)
  • Handle some special-case renders for non-standard block data (invisible stairs, single and double slabs)
  • Add new templates for 1.0.0 world type "The End", and handle it's special lighting behaviors
  • Add 'webpage-title' setting to control title of web page: default to server-name setting
  • Fix problem with Area Markers being left around after switching to new maps, and with label markup and descriptions not being properly updated (Marker API)
  • Split programming API into its own project and JAR file, to simplify use by plugin developers (see https://github.com/mikeprimm/dynmap-api)
  • Make hidden players not generate join/quit messages on web chat

NOTE: Serious issue discovered - due to a code build mistake, this version conflicts with PermissionsEx  - use v0.25.1 and discontinue use of v0.25 if you use PermissionsEx!