Dynmap v0.24


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    Nov 13, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337


Thanks to Mikeprimm

  • Added support for 1.9-pre5
  • Support IndustrialCraft 2 and BuildCraft 2.x blocks (ic2-support and buildcraft-support settings)
  • Added 'very low res' HD perspectives (vlowres), and set default configuration.txt to use them instead of FlatMap/KzedMap (only impacts clean installs)
  • Added 'fetchskins' and 'refreshskins' controls to allow options on player skin loading by server
  • Handle issues with improper rendering of some HD tiles on edge of word
  • Add controls for adjusting new 1.9-style rendering options (waterbiomeshaded, swampshaded, fence-to-block-join) * default off for 1.8, on for 1.9
  • Added east and west facing default perspectives
  • Prevent big tile queue from starving fullrenders/radiusrenders, and make fullrender/radiusrenders clear tiles from update queue, when appropriate
  • Enhanced Marker API to include descriptions for markers (optional HTML popup)
  • Enhanced Marker API to support 'areas' * like the outlines for the 'regions' components
  • Added 'onlyiflit' option for cave renderer * only shows caves lit by a light source
  • Add 'compass-mode' to allow options for handling changes to world compass (sunrise moved in 1.9...)
  • Add command-line commands for marker areas
  • Added /dynmap sendtoweb command to send messages to just web users, and associated API
  • Added API to allow other plugins to drive re-renders of regions of maps
  • Add support for hiding individual subareas in the Residence component
  • Added 'hideifundercover' and 'hideifshadow' options to hide player markers when player is under blocks and/or in low light
  • Added 'webmsgformat' (replacement for webprefix/websuffix * more flexible)
  • Added support for scrolling with world list
  • Added support for preserving map center when switching between worlds
  • Fix problem with caching of updates in standalone/JSON mode
  • Fix problems in scaling of transparent textures (made flat map in HD look bad)
  • Make trapdoors render properly
  • Fix 'defaultworld' setting