v0.21 [CB1060]


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    Sep 3, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060


Thanks to Mikeprimm

  • Added support for Towny
  • Added support for Superperms/BukkitPermissions
  • Hide/show layer support for player markers and regions (WorldGuard/Residence/Towny)
  • Support for JPEG image format option on maps (various qualities) - smaller size and bandwidth vs quality
  • Per Region outline and fill tailoring for all regions components (per nation for Towny, also)
  • Region hidden list (exclude) for regions components
  • Server-side face rendering (works with IE8 and with accessory faces)
  • Multi-threaded fullrender option
  • Fix for tile rendering on HD maps with chunkgenerate (checkerboard render)
  • Option for accelerated render interval when settable backlog of tiles exceeded
  • /dynmap reload now works - no duplicate chat messages, event handlers
  • Add support for 'explosion' trigger
  • Add support for piston rendering, and 'pistonmoved' trigger
  • Improved rendering of rails, ladders, redstone, repeaters
  • Single-map fullrender (/dynmap fullrender worldname:mapname) and radiusrender (/dynmap radiusrender radius mapname).
  • Add progressloginterval setting to control how often progress messages are reported
  • Fixes for armor display, alpha blending on textures and models, zoomout processing efficiency, debug code left in UI (IE problems), player list scroll buttons, Residence in JSON File mode, rendering newly generated tiles before they're populated, naming of Residence regions, infowindow processing on region popups.