v0.20 [CB1000]


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    Sep 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1000


Thanks to Mikeprimm and FrozenCow

  • Added HD renderer(s), which can render maps in full detail using Minecraft textures (terrain.png) as well as using existing colorschemes, biomes, or cave views
  • Replaced Google Maps with Leaflet, which affects look/feel
  • Split configuration in separate files
  • Added 'custom-' configuration files, which won't be overwritten each release
  • Support '/dynmap cancelrender <world>' to cancel active render operations on a world
  • Added '/dynmap radiusrender <radius>' command to render an area around the player
  • Made number of levels that the browser can zoom (=digital zoom) configurable
  • Added rendertriggers for blockformed, blockfaded, blockspread
  • Fixed armor calculation
  • Improved render performance
  • Improved stability for internal webserver
  • Removed references to remote files: Dynmap can now work without internet connection
  • Fixed '/reload'
  • Updated support for Residence regions (2.3+)
  • Support polyline-based region outlines in WorldGuard regions
  • Support for blocking banned-ips.txt addresses on internal web server
  • Added ability to add logo/link to map (logo component)
  • Several fixes/improvements