v0.16 [CB935]


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    Sep 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 935


  • Added client-side zooming to flatmap (thanks mikeprimm)
  • Added support for rendering data-values, enables rendering wool-colors (thanks mikeprimm)
  • Added weather icons to clock ('showweather' in configuration) (thanks zeeZ)
  • Better asynchronous rendering (should fix half-rendered tiles) (thanks mikeprimm)
  • Fullrender can now be ran without locking the server ('timeslicerender' in configuration) (thanks mikeprimm)
  • Fixed color-codes being printed on web-chat (thanks zeeZ)
  • Less strict world-names (thanks zeeZ)
  • Some support for WorldGuard regions (only for jsonfile) (thanks Kilandor)
  • Option to use hiddenplayers as whitelist (thanks zeeZ)
  • More detailed permissions (thanks zeeZ)
  • Flatmap has correct north with correct compass (thanks zeeZ)
  • Added HighlightTileRenderer (for rendering specific types of blocks)