v0.14 [CB935]


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    Sep 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 935


  • Fixed standalone mode (webserverless) (thanks to Kilandor)
  • Added Flatmap: a fast top-down map.
  • Added configuration to choose colorscheme.
  • Added colorschemes: ovocean, sk89s and flames. (thanks to these dudes)
  • Added more descriptive error messages in top of map.
  • Added minimal time for chat messages to be send (anti-spam) (thanks to Kilandor)
  • Added ability to turn off sending chat messages (anti-spam) (thanks to flames)
  • Added easier way to override CSS rules (with example file). (thanks to lechd)
  • Added support for Permissions + Group Manager, but you can use Dynmap without them (use 'dynmap.{command}' for permissions). (thanks to flames)
  • Added configurable render-triggers (playermove, blockplace, blockdestroy).
  • Added scrolling to player-list when it is too long. (thanks to flames)
  • Various stability improvements.
  • Various optimizations.