v0.13 [CB935]


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    Sep 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 935


  • Multiworld support.
  • Beautified the style and added support for custom css (by lechd).
  • Added chat-box and web-to-server messaging (by flames).
  • Added support to run Dynmap without internal webserver (by Kilandor)
  • This is controlled with the configuration-option 'disable-webserver' and 'jsonfile'. This is however only for advanced users and therefore not recommended.
  • Added moon and sun indication for time of day (by Lishid).
  • Added compass (by Lishid).
  • Made fullrenders only executable by ops (by flames). 'disabledcommands' is now gone.
  • Added option to render lower part of world, which is useful for nether.
  • Added option for debugging output.
  • Optimized the internal HTTP server.
  • Fixed tiles hiding too soon at border of screen.
  • Fixed unloaded tiles being visible.
  • Fixed focuschatballoons (thanks OniTux)
  • Compatible with Bukkit new plugin-constructor (no nag-message anymore).
  • Thanks to Alron for his new package-building through Maven!