v0.11 [CB935]


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    Sep 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 935


  • Added VERY CRAPPY version of fullmap-rendering.
  • Added configuration to disable commands (fullrender and fullrenderasync are there).
  • Added configuration to focus chatballoons influenced by Incendia's fix.
  • Added configuration to load chunks when needed
    • Fixes blue-tiles problem, but is also unstable since Bukkit is not thread-safe.
    • Please don't use this option unless you really want to.
  • Added better day/night algorithm as suggested by lologarithm.
  • Added more colors in colors.txt by lechd.
  • Made use of Firefox and IEs nearest-neighbor compositing as suggested by lechd.
  • Fix for retarded IE not handling dynamic constructors.
  • Fixed duplicate faces on map when disconnected.
  • Fix for Bukkit compatiblity by kosiini.y kosiini.
  • Made use of JSON for updates.
  • Reworked the HttpServer.