Dynmap-Regios is an add-on to Dynmap that allows visibility of Regios regions from the Dynmap web map. This plugin requires that you have both Dynmap and Regios installed on your server. The regions on the map are updated every 300 seconds (5 minutes) by default, but is configurable in the config.yml. Regions can be hidden from showing up on the map by adding the region name to the 'hiddenregions' section of the config.yml or of you only want to show a few regions you can use the 'visibleregions' section of the config.yml to limit what regions will be shown.

The global region outline is configurable with the 'regionstyle' section, but per region configuration is also available with the 'custstyle' section. You can modify both the outline color, opacity, and thickness as well as the fill color and opacity in both sections.

You can also set the region highlights to show the height of the region as well instead of just the width and depth by setting the 'use3dregions' setting to 'true.'


Drop Dynmap-Regios.jar in your servers plugins folder. Restart you server.

Dynmap v0.36 or later
Regios v5.0.4 or later

This plugin is based on the Dynmap-WorldGuard plugin by mikeprimm and FrozenCow2.


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