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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin allows you to show your PreciousStones fields, and blocks on Dynmap.
Its easy to use and simple to configure.

This project was catch up from phaed420, but if you got any ideas fell free to share them, I will try my best.

Config file - how does it works

A html section in the config with 3 child nodes allows you to change and customize the display of some things on dynmap.

 line: ' %text% <span style=\"font-weight:bold;\"> %value% </span><br />'
 box:  '<div class=\"infowindow\"> %content% </div>'
  '%owner%': 'Owner'
  • html.line - is generally used for each new information you set to display
  • html.box - is the box that contains all items to display (%content%)
  • html.field-name - is used to set text (%text%) before the showing up value value (%value%)

Because of this changes formating in the area_text node looks like this now:

area_text: "<span style=\"font-size:120%;\">^%type% ^%name%</span><br /> %owner% %dimensions% %cords%"

The format has been lesser to use just the key words %owner%, if you add this character ^ before a keyword, it wont use the html.line format.


  • %owner% will generate Owner <span style=\"font-weight:bold;\"> Dandielo </span><br />
  • ^%owner% will generate just Dandielo, so you can create around it your own HTML code

PreciousStones flags

To show a block on dynmap just use on of these Flags on your fields :)

dynmap-marker - This will draw the field's icon

dynmap-area - This will draw the field's two or three dimensional area on the map

dynmap-hide-players - This flag hides all players found on the allowed list in the fields area on dynmap

dynmap-show-players - This flag shows all players found on the allowed list in the fields area on dynmap

PreciousStones flag reference

Some ideas

  1. Add renting information
  2. Create a system do draw clan areas, color would be generated from clan tag (by some magic code ;P)
  3. Simplify the display node in the config

GitHub repo

Link to GitHub repository


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