MCDungeon support for Dynmap


This Bukkit plugin adds support for MCDungeon markers to the Dynmap plugin.

Source code: Github


  • Bukkit/Spigot 1.10+
  • Dynmap plugin 2.x
  • (Optional) Multiverse Core


Place the plugin into your plugins directory. You still need to have Dynmap installed and working.


Place the plugin into the same directory as your dynmap plugin, and restart your server, You should now see any MCDungeon structures as markers in your Dynmap webpage.

You can configure this using the configuration file placed in the directory. Reload the plugin (or restart the server) to re-load configuration and re-create the markers.


If you are using Multiverse, then dynmap-mcdungeon will spot this and will generate markers for all the worlds.


The configuration file (in the plugins/DynmapMCDungeon/config.yml file) allows you to enable or disable various markers, set icons, and so on.


When a new world is loaded (via Multiverse) a reload of the markers is triggered (v2.1+).


You can also trigger a reload by using "mcd reload" on the console (v2.1+).


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