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  • _ForgeUser4882083 created this issue Oct 17, 2011

    Everything should be saved in a database, flatfile works great to but can be slow when 20+ people all use /sell all with a ton of random shit.

    add the ability to deiced who can only /sell  and who can only /buy or make it so this person cant /sell diamond [amount]  when they used xray to gather a shit ton.

    day by day limits,   i hate people who gather a mass amount of money then /buy diamond 1000  then throw it around like candy. 28 diamonds buyable by day would be perfect, make it instead like server has a set amount each day, but players can put up shops, like

    server renews global amounts: 28 diamonds, 100 wood, 30 pork, etc...

    then players could make shops like,

    /market setup [name of item] [amount of item in invo]

    then people can list user shops by

    /market p [page number]

    when someone wants to buy something from someone else they would

    /buy p [name of seller] [amount]

    prices are still server wide as to keep the whole dynamic market alive of course.

    well this is all i can come up with atm,

    if you can add these and some more stability into the plugin i will personally donate $20 to you my good sir

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  • _ForgeUser7599051 posted a comment Oct 17, 2011

    Much of this is in 'the plan' now.

    • I do intend to get this working with a database.
    • When I get it coded, permissions support will allow selling/buying restriction per player
    • The amount restrictions sound interesting, this will have to wait until a database is incorporated
    • I think what I have in the works for the WTB/WTS feature will satisfy what you want for per player shops

    Basically, I hope this comes across as: "Challenge Accepted"

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  • _ForgeUser4882083 posted a comment Oct 17, 2011

    another thing, provide a much easier to understand help system, i hate telling everyone how to use /market /buy /sell etc... >.<

  • _ForgeUser7599051 posted a comment Oct 20, 2011

    @gearsgod: Go

    Will do, I may give the help system priority ....

  • _ForgeUser7599051 posted a comment Dec 17, 2011

    per-command permissions support should be in the next release.

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  • _ForgeUser7599051 posted a comment Jan 24, 2012

    permission and database support are in,

    daily limits now has it's own ticket.

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