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  • _ForgeUser9241900 created this issue Aug 8, 2012


    I was hoping to recommend an enhancement for your project after a discussion with my administration team. Unfortunately, DynaMark is missing a 'simple' feature which is starting to become the difference between the use of the plugin and sticking to a simple Essentials based economy. A timer.

    I provide a survival based server in which I do not wish to allow players to simply purchase from the server but instead be able to sell to the server to make money or trade with other players. Unfortunately, DynaMark will simply run the economy dry without a 'demand' aspect to it. Selling cobblestone to the server will simply reduce the worth of it but if I am not providing the option to purchase from the server then the economy will run dry and instead of it being dynamic it will simply run it into the ground quickly.

    Instead of offering the option to purchase from the server, I was hoping you would be able to add a 'time out' timer to the plugin which increases the value of the item if it has not been sold within X amount of time. For example:

    Cobblestone is worth $10 by default but a player sells 999 cobblestone and its price is reduced to 0.01c per sale. The next player comes along and sells cobblestone but only gets 0.01c for it as the option to purchase from the server is not there meaning all sales of cobblestone from there on will only be worth 0.01c. If a timer was added, it would be possible to state that either every 1 hour the price increases by X amount OR every 1 hour without a sale of that specific item, the price increases. The time and the amount would need to be configurable.

    I am hoping this can be implemented as it would allow your plugin to skyrocket above others out there. A simple timer would provide your dynamic market to be even more dynamic than previously.

    I hope to hear back from you soon!


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