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  • _ForgeUser7599051 created this issue May 7, 2012

    Not sure if its a bug or not but:

    I currently have some items set on false such as Diamond Ores, Dragon Eggs, Fire, etc...however it seems whenever my server restarts, people are able to buy it until I /reload my plugins on the server, then it will say "Are you talking about: <item name>".

    Why is it doing this? Its hurting my economy and people are buying items I don't want them to buy such as Dragon Eggs. Is this due to me not saving this on a MySQL database or something?

    Please help or fix this, Thanks!

  • _ForgeUser7599051 added the tags Accepted Defect May 7, 2012
  • _ForgeUser7599051 posted a comment May 7, 2012

    can you post your commodities file and any other information you think may be applicable

  • _ForgeUser8543320 posted a comment May 7, 2012


    My commodities file is: Commodities File

    No matter what it is set to (False or True), the item is still sellable. The file will remain at "false" but its buyable still until I /reload all my plugins.

  • _ForgeUser2475422 posted a comment Jul 25, 2012

    I am having the same problem with stuff being available in market after a restart of server. A /reload does fix it as well.

    Edited Jul 25, 2012

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