DynamicEconomy introduces your server to an economy where
the prices constantly change based on the supply and demand of

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http://anomos.info/images/ace23a31c9.png DynamicEconomy v .9.2

Here's a video with an overview of some of DE's features, graciously made by WoopaGaming!

Plugin is in BETA - Meaning it is not as perfect as I would like as of yet. I am still constantly adding features. Once I'm happy with the feature list, it'll be released into v 1.0. Expect v1.0 to have Chest Shops.

Support Pages

There's a lot to understand about DynamicEconomy, so visit some of these helpful pages!

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  • Buy and Sell items in a global shop.
  • Price automatically adjusts based on supply and demand!
  • Customizable price ceiling & floor!
  • Prefix the chat output with anything you'd like!
  • Choose whether price changes are announced globally, locally, or not at all!
  • Includes a custom alias file, so you can customize the aliases you use (Add whatever word in the world to stand in for, say, diamond, so if you call /buy purpleelephant it can buy you diamond!) - Even better, it already includes hundreds of aliases.
  • Add items to items.yml at your whim! Just make sure to add aliases for them in alias.yml!
  • Sort items into different groups, and then limit users to only being able to purchase or sell items from particular groups!
  • You choose the default amount sold/bought if the user leaves out the amount argument.
  • Features 340 items: the most commonly traded and used, as well as non-obtainable items and potions!
  • Also, you can sell and buy enchantments! Enchant your items with any enchantment at any level, and then sell items from an item instead of selling the entire item itself!
  • Custom Items.yml puts you in control of item prices, minimums, maximums, descriptions, and everything else!
  • Change the price, price floor, price ceiling, price velocity, and stock, all from in-game without a restart or reload!
  • Custom in-game command allows you to reload the DynamicEconomy config.yml
  • Features help screen of all commands, usages, and descriptions
  • Assess which features of your config are on and off from in-game.
  • Simple permissions: permission is the same as the command name.
  • DynamicSign - Signs that show the price, stock, velocity, ceiling, or floor of any item in REAL TIME! You can also change the colors the sign displays in!
  • Find out the durability of any item in your inventory, or your armor!
  • When you sell a tool or armor, the price you receive is proportionate to how much of the durability was used up. If an item is 25% used up, a player will only get 75% of the total price when he sells it! Stops "Infinite tool" abuses.
  • Update Checker & Downloader!
  • Sell and buy EXP!
  • Data values for all woods, wools, saplings, slabs, and inks!
  • Option to use either set-amount item velocities, or a percent velocity.
  • The option to turn on "Price-Decay-Over-Time", meaning, if items aren't purchased for a long time, their prices will decrease! This is fully customize-able to the last bit; customize percent of price decrease, what's considered a "long time", and how often to check for these items! Or disable it all-together!
  • Also, in addition to price decay over time, there's also price inflation over time, so items that aren't sold for a while will have an increase in price! This encourages sale of those items!
  • Multi-World support!
  • /sell hand and /price hand for selling or checking price of the item you're holding!
  • Ban items from in-game instantaneously!
  • Customizable random events! Make your own wacky random events that change the prices of items!
  • Customize standard DE messages! Up to 32 of them, currently!
  • Use your own custom currency.
  • Custom log.txt file personalizes logging of all user commands for very intuitive, useful, and helpful logs for Server admins. No need to fuss over confusing server logs and exceptions. (You can disable it, if you want, too!)
  • Sales & Purchase Taxes!
  • Set taxes from in-game!
  • Extensive region control! Select your own 3D regions in which users can buy and sell items!
  • Alternative commands for /buy and /sell, so you can use other popular economy plugins in conjunction!
  • Basic location control, such as setting a minimum height from bedrock in order to access the economy.
  • Loans! With custom payback times, minimum and maximum loans, as many loans as you'd like, and more!
  • Dynamic Interest rates for loans!
  • Ability to ban the sale OR purchase of certain items!

Planned Future Features

  • Optional Interest Rates/Taxes on purchases and sales [ Completed 2/6/2012 5:47 pm in v .5.1]
  • Loans with Optional Interest Rates [ Completed 2/23/2012 11:31 pm in v .7]
  • Chest Shops!
  • Option to either set IR/Tax statically, or have it dynamically change based on economy conditions. [ Completed 2/25/2012 12:08 AM in v .7.2 ]
  • Sale of tools will give amount appropriate to current durability (A tool almost worn out will receive a very little percent of total price when sold) [ Completed 1/6/2012 11:05 pm in v .2]
  • Optional Random Events that change item prices[ Completed 3/4/2012 1:07 AM in v .8.0 ]
  • Price decreases over time if item is not purchased [ Completed 2/26/2012 1:42 AM in v .7.6 ]
  • Option to not allow some items in the market. [ Completed 2/25/2012 12:36 AM in v .7.3 ]
  • Option to lose money upon death
  • Option to store money in a bank account
  • Option to log all transactions [ Completed 1/22/2012 8:41 pm in v .4]
  • Extended abuse prevention: Looking through the kinks to ensure the dynamics of the economy are not abused by players
  • Update Checker [ Completed 1/21/2012 2:12 pm in v .3.2]
  • Prevent you from buying if you do not have enough inventory space
  • Data Values (35:1 etc) [ Slight addition in v.5.3 ] [ Completed 2/25/2012 11:32 pm in v .7.5 ]
  • Location-based controls [ Slight addition in v.5.2 ] [ Completed 2/19/2012 9:24 pm in v .6 ]
  • MySQL Databases
  • Alternative Commands [ Completed 2/7/2012 10:18 pm in v .5.2]
  • Marquee Signs (Signs that show the price and info of a given item) [ Completed 3/18/2012 1:27 AM in v .8.1 ]
  • EXP Transactions [ Completed 3/19/2012 12:44 am in v .8.3 ]
  • Region Flags
  • Much much more!


Your donation helps my development of this plugin and possibly more!



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