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The Dwarfs learned long ago how to manipulate lava to their will. By building their furnaces directly above lava, they can smelt metals and bake goods for a long time without hauling buckets about. Now, you can too. Build your furnace directly above a lava block, then punch the furnace to ignite it. Punch it again to douse the flames. No fuel/buckets needed!

There is a minimal configuration file; the plugin will automatically generate a default config.yml file if none is present. Just drop the JAR into your plugins folder and reload.

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  • Runs forever! No fuel/buckets needed.
  • However, Forges can be required to operate with fuel, which is pulled from the input chest along with raw materials.
  • Punching the furnace toggles it on/off.
  • Dwarf Forges stack vertically. Lava only necessary under the lowest forge. (Lava is powerful, man!) Stacked forges can all access the same set of input/output chests.
  • Input and output chests (left and right of forge, respectively, when facing it) supported. Double-size chests also supported. Additionally, you can "stack" horizontally to access nearby chests.
  • Stacking limits are configurable (defaults: 3 high, 4 wide).
  • Can change the cooking time: warp speed!
  • Blocks in a short, 3-block radius from any Dwarf Forge are protected against fire from lava.
  • Supports Permissions.
  • Supports Metrics

Originally developed by matt_moss and DonRedhorse.


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