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DwarfCraft is a plugin that allows players to improve their characters skills and capabilities. Players can pay trainers to improve their skills, which provides benefits such as increased weapon damage, decreased tool wear, increased drops from blocks or mobs, etc. Because of the training system, DwarfCraft can provide an interesting and fun RPG base for Survival MP servers that will remain relevant and interesting for casual and intense players alike.

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  • Players may choose to play as Dwarves or Elves. Switching resets all skills. The race names are entirely configurable.
  • Races allow players to specialize in certain skills which allows them to train it past the vanilla level.
  • Dwarves have 40+ skills that progress from level 0 (worse than normal) to level 30 (extremely proficient). Each skill has several effects. Most effects reach par at skill level 5. New supported skills will be released.
  • Skills are improved by paying a training cost to a trainer. Server admins may place trainers and customized messaging NPC. Skill costs increased with level and balanced to encourage specialization. Example: To train"Pickaxe Use" from 0 to 1 cost 16 cobblestone. To train from 15 to 16 cost 640. At level 0 pickaxes degrade 20% faster than
    normal, at level 20 they degrade about 45% slower.
  • Skills and Effect details are easily found through in-game commands. More Information on the Bukkit Dev Page.

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