This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

DungeonsXL allows complex Dungeons and Adventuremaps to be build on your Server.

They can then be played in Groups through a Portal.

A Dungeon is created in a new world in Creative Mode, where you can set spawnpoints for Mobs, messages, checkpoints and also complex redstone- and blockchanges, through a variety of Signs. The group of Players, who will play the Dungeon upon finishing, will have to face these challenges. As a reward, chests can be placed, which, reached by the Players, adds items to a reward-chest that the players receive after finishing the Dungeon.

After creating the Lobbyroom to choose a playable class, the Players can play the Dungeon, by using a Portal. Changing or placing blocks is not possible anymore, except levers found in Chests, or other defined items. They fight agains the Monsters, jump´n´runs and other challenges, until they reach the end. Receiving all of the rewards they have found, they go back through the portal. If they die on their way, they keep their inventory and spawn at the latest checkpoint.


  • Build Dungeons in separate creative mode worlds
  • Place signs to:
    • Spawn monsters
    • Display messages
    • Change blocks
    • etc.
  • Trigger signs through Distance, Redstone and more
  • Customize Mobs (Weapons, Armor, Health, etc.)
  • Create Classes to choose from when playing
  • Play Dungeons with no effect on survival items, health, xp, etc.
  • Play in groups through a portal
  • Place Reward Chests that are received upon finishing
  • Dungeons are reset after playing
  • Invite Players to edit a Dungeon
  • Create a tutorial that new players spawn in

Sample Usage

Want to make quests with riddles and zombies? Place some messages, let the players hunt for the lever that opens the door and spawn zombies all over the place.
Want to build a Castle that is attacked by the enemy? Equip some Skeletons with and armor, create a spawn that is triggered when one of the players presses a button and there you go.
A little introduction to new players on your server? Nothing easier than that! Trigger the door opener when the player clicks a sign or reads a book of rules, blow everything up and hide some reward chests with some starter gear.

Important Commands

/dxl helpShows the help pagedxl.help
/dxl create [dungeon]Create a new dungeondxl.create
/dxl edit [dungeon]Edit an existing dungeon.dxl.edit
/dxl leaveLeave your current Dungeon
/dxl test [dungeon]Test a Dungeondxl.test
/dxl portalCreates a Portal that leads into a Dungeondxl.portal

More commands and german description can be found in the Wiki


German in Wiki


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