Expand the capability of your world with player created dungeons. Design your dungeon, customize the behavior and publish it for other players to experience. Tap into advanced scripting functionality and trigger mechanisms to surprise users with unique features.

Features included:

  • Creation of the basic dungeon shell or create a dungeon from existing landscape.
  • Saving/Loading dungeon contents to provide a consistent experience to each adventurer.
  • Spawn monsters as the player progresses through the dungeon.
  • Create dungeon teleporters in convenient locations for players.
  • Store your dungeons in one world and teleport to them from another with multiworld support.
  • Rewarding players for finishing the dungeon with money, experience or loot.
  • Control how the player interacts with the dungeon with flexible permissions.
  • Go beyond basic functionality with advanced scripting support.
  • Share your creations with other servers using exportable dungeon templates.

How-to Create and Manage Dungeons
Command Listing
Dungeon Queues and Parties

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