Configuration 2.3


By default there are 4 configuration files, but don't worry, it's somewhat easy to configure.


This is a simple file, with a few but important options:

ShowChestsLoc: true // this will let you know in the logs the location of each refilled chest
WorldFillOnlyNew: true // if this is set to true only newly, naturally created chests will be refilled (safe), if you set this to true, player placed chest and any chest already present in your world will be refilled as well.
Refill_WorldChest_on_ChunkReload_only: true // this is a soft defence against chest camping, if set true, world chests will only be refilled once the chunk was unloaded and loaded again. A chunk is unloaded when there's nobody around.

MDConfig.yml and DDConfig.yml

This is the configuration for MythicDrops filling By default the plugin will create a section for each world on the server and upon world creation will add one for any newly created world The syntax is this:

  world: #this is the world config
    Enable: false #if this is enabled, new chests found on a world will be filled with the items configured below
    WorldRefill: 0 #if this is non 0, it will be the number of minutes between chest refilling
      CleanFill: false #if set to true, the contents of the chest will be wiped before adding the cool ones
      CustomItems: false #if set to true, CustomItems from MythicDrops will be available as another tier to fill chests (this is only for MythicDrops)
      ChooseTiers: false # if set to true will fill only with the tiers specified below. 
      MinItems: 0 # The plugin will make a random number between MinItems and MaxItems for the number of items to fill the chests
      MaxItems: 3
      Chance: 50  # this is the chance out of 100 for a chest to be filled. (100 will make every chest to get filled)
      Tiers: #Tiers written here by default are all the one this plugin can see from MythicDrops or DiabloDrops.
      - Common
      - Rare
      - Exotic
      - Artisan
      - Uncommon
      - Legendary
      - Epic
  SampleChestType: #this is the name of the ChestType, which is basically a template
    RefillEvery: 0 #this is the value in minutes of how often a chest belonging to this type will be refilled with the below info.
    ChestFill: # Below this is the same as the world config, don't mind the order :)
      CustomItems: false
      MinItems: 0
      MaxItems: 3
      Chance: 100
      ChooseTiers: true
      - Common
      - Rare
      - Exotic
      - Artisan
      - Uncommon
      - Legendary
      - Epic
    Enable: true

As always, please mind the YAML format. Empty tier list should be Tiers: []
If you want no tiers and only CustomItems to fill chests, set ChooseTiers and CustomItems to true and set Tiers as []


    -1,2,-3: # This Field is the coordinates of a chest X,Y,Z, to disable a chest add Disabled at the beggining and set Enable to false
      Type: SampleChestType # this is the chest type/template that must be defined on MDconfig.ymloy DDConfig.yml
      Enable: false # Self explanatory :)
      Name: '' # This is reserved for future functionality.

The plugin will try to check every parameter and sanitize the config, but it's not allmigthy, if you are getting funny errors check your config.
I know it's weird to read this from me, but unless you really know what you are doing do not use the world chest refilling feature, if not done correctly is easily exploitable by players. It's better to create chests types, and even then watch it close. The options in the config.yml were created to help you avoiding such exploits


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