Dungeon Maze 0.2.2


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    Mar 7, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


Warning, This version has the following requirements:

  • Java 1.8 or higher
  • CraftBukkit 1.9-R0.1 or higher (CraftBukkit 1.8 is not compatible anymore)

Version 0.2.2 (07-03-2016)

  • Updated project for Minecraft 1.9.
  • Various other undocumented changes, because this is a quick build for the newest Minecraft version.
  • Build against CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.9.
  • Build on Java 1.8.

Version 0.2.1 (06-10-2015)

  • Improved Multiverse-Core compatability.
  • Fixed Multiverse-Core related bug, that caused Dungeon Maze not to show up as generator in Multiverse-Core.
  • Build against CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.8.
  • Build on Java 1.8.

Version 0.2 (01-10-2015)

  • Sumary:
  • Improved overall plugin performance.
  • Added new features to the world generation, and fixed some generation artifacts.
  • Added new command system, with much improved command usage and added new commands.
  • Updated all libraries such as permissions systems and multiverse core to support their latest versions.
  • Updated DungeonMaze world manager, for a better multiworld experience.
  • Added various elements to the configuration file.
  • Lots of other bug fixes, improvements and updates.
  • Build against CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.8 on Java 1.8.
  • All:
  • Rewritten the whole DungeonMaze plugin.
  • Improved overall plugin performance.
  • Added some new features to the world generation, such as ceiling placement of slabs and various new structures.
  • Fixed some generation artifacts, such as incorrect cobweb or torch placement.
  • Modified generation chance of most structures and features in Dungeon Maze.
  • Added new command handling system, with much improvement comment usage.
  • Changed world creation command, and added new features.
  • Added command to teleport to a specific world.
  • Changed reload and permissions reload command.
  • Added restart command to restart the DungeonMaze plugin without reloading the server.
  • Added status command to view the current plugin and server status.
  • Added services command to list the current state of all services.
  • Added help command, to list help for any Dungeon Maze command.
  • Improved DungeonMaze world manager, for a beter overall multiworld experience.
  • Added services system, where every plugin component has it's own service to allow for better controll.
  • Updated all permissions system hooks to their newest versions.
  • Improved permissions support.
  • Added and improved various important status messages.
  • Updated MCStats metrics system.
  • Improved automatic updater.
  • Removed unused methods and functions from old API system.
  • Added various world management
  • Added various elements to the configuration file.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added project license.
  • Mavenized the project.
  • Build against CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.8.
  • Build on Java 1.8.
  • Update commits:
  • GitHub:9d2c2d6ccbbae234d1e90b8871e338cdeccd903b

Version 0.1.10 (11-02-2014)

  • Fix Event system
  • Fix do not generate correctly certain chunks

Version 0.1.9 (27-01-2014)

  • Fix for 1.7.x and above versions
  • Add new flowers on ground
  • Some fixes
  • Add an auto updater, enabled by default, check your config file for disable it if needed!
  • This build is a fix, and do not implement new features that we are working on

Version 0.1.7 (31-07-2012)

  • Added skull populator that generates mob skulls.
  • Added text on signs of graves.
  • Added auto updater for the config files.
  • Updated the API system (for developers).
  • Updated MultiverseCore support.
  • Cleaned up the code (for developers).
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs.
  • Build against Bukkit-1.6.2-R0.1.

Version 0.1.6 (01-07-2012)

  • Added auto updater.
  • Added '/dm installupdates' command to automaticly install a new update. (Permission: dungeonmaze.command.installupdate)
  • Added permission node to set if update notification should be shown to the player (Permission: dungeonmaze.notification.update)
  • Updated permissions managing system.
  • Fixed error caused by Multiverse.
  • Fixed Dungeon Maze worlds list not refreshing properly.
  • Fixed lost of little bugs.
  • Renamed some packages (For developers).
  • Build against Bukkit-1.5.2-R1.0.

Version (17-01-2012)

  • Fix Multiverse Hook
  • Fix WorldProtection

Version (22-11-2012)

  • Added a getDMLevel(Block b) function to the Dungeon Maze API to get the level a block is on (for developers)
  • Added the getDMLevel() function to the DMGenerationChestEvent (for developers)
  • Added the DMGenerationSpawnerEvent event to the Dungeon Maze API (for developers)

Version (21-11-2012)

  • Added the event system into the Dungeon Maze API. Dungeon Maze does now have events in the api system, you could find more information about it on the API page. (for developers)
  • Added the 'DMGenerationChest' event, wich is called when a chest is generated. With this event chest contents can be set, it can be cancelled etc. (for developers)
  • Little bug fixes

Version (19-11-2012)

  • Added API (by @Xephi - Commits: #3a2c22e, #57449bf)
  • Added block whitelist feature (by @Xephi - Commits: #ae28a94)
  • Added mob spawner choose in the config file (by @Xephi - Commits: #e6feb28)
  • Rewrote config file handler (by @Xephi - Commits: #553353d)
  • Fixed some small bugs

Version 0.1.5

  • Version Skipped

Version (25-10-2012)

  • Fixed the surface terrain generation bug

Version 0.1.4 (25-10-2012)

  • Dungeon Maze now starts before it enables other plugins, this should sove some problems
  • Metrics have been added for beter usage statistics
  • Improved permissions system
  • Improved update checker
  • Improved function to check if a world is loaded
  • Improved some other parts in the core of the plugin
  • Removed the Entity Listener

Version 0.1.3 (15-10-2012)

  • Hopefully fixed the console errors
  • Removed the feature that Dungeon Maze automaticly generates it's first world

Version 0.1.2 (12-10-2012)

  • Fixed bug with custom named worlds

Version 0.1.1 (9-10-2012)

  • Added multiverse support
  • Added feature to block people going up to the surface
  • Added feature to protect the whole world
  • Some minor bug fixes

Version 0.1 (24-9-2012)

  • First public plugin release!