Duels controls PVP so that two players can fight only if they have both agreed. It also allows users to define terms for a battle, such as whether or not items are lost on death, what each player stakes, (iConomy) whether or not food can be eaten, if wolves will fight at your side, etc. It is currently under heavy development but [I]testing[/I] is highly welcomed and appreciated.


  • Blocks PVP between players that aren't dueling.
  • Allows for staking over a duel by participants. (iConomy)
  • Player forfeits match if they log out or run away.
  • Allows keeping of item on death, else puts drops directly in winner's inventory.
  • Controls wolves based on a setting.
  • Controls food use based on duel settings.
  • Messages can be set by a configuration value.


Source Code

How To Use:


  • Download Duels.jar and put it in your plugin directory.
  • Restart your server or /reload.
  • Edit the configuration at /plugins/Duels/config.yml to fit your needs.
  • Restart your server or /reload.
  • The plugin is now ready to use!


  • To initiate a duel with someone, type:
/duel challenge <player>
  • The other person will receive a notification. Accept duels with:
/duel challenge <player>
  • Once the duel has been accepted by both people, it is time to configure the duel using any of these parameters:
/duel set stake <money>      - Sets how much money you are staking.
/duel set food <on/off>      - enables or disables food use.
/duel set wolves <on/off>    - enables or disables wolves.
/duel set keepitems <on/off> - sets whether you lose your items on death.
  • When you are satisfied with the current duel parameters, use:
/duel confirm
  • Once both players confirm, it's a fight to he death!

Disabling in certain worlds:

To disable in worlds, add this to the end of your config:

    - worlds
    - go
    - here

Permission Nodes:

The permissions nodes are divided into two main sections, user and admin. (Nodes with a # are for features that aren't yet implemented)

  • duels
    • user
      • challenge - can challenge others to duels
      • set
        • stake - can set a new stake
        • wolves - can change wolf settings
        • food - can change food settings
        • keepitems - can change keepitems settings
    • #admin - admin tasks
      • #peace - can stop all duels in progress

To give users access to standard functions, simply give them the following node:


For admin tasks, (Not yet added) give users the following node: [code]duels.admin.*[/code]

Setting default properties

Some times, you might want to force a duel parameter to stay at the default setting. (Defined in the config) to do this, you can cancel out the node for that option. For example, if you always want users to lose items on death, (If defined in the config) you could add the following node to users:


To Do:

  • General bug fixing. (Pretty much bug free)
  • Add support for bukkit perms. (Can't wait?)
    • Depreciate permissions.

If you have any ideas for additions, please post them on this thread. If you want to help out, you can fork the project on github and make any changes you'd like. I'll be sure to look at any pull requests!


I currently know of no bugs in particular with Duels, though I'm sure there are some. If you find a problem, please be sure to post a detailed bug report on this thread.


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