DuelMe Changelog

26/02/2014 V0.8.2.1 Alpha

Several bug fixes including:

  • Announcement now shows if enabled when a duel is started.
  • Added debug mode, toggable in config, several debug messages show in console for determining issues with the plugin.
  • Commands are executed on duel start only if seperate inventories are set to false.
  • Duel states are now reset upon completion of a duel.
  • MySql database can be setup in config.yml, but will NOT function until a later update as it is being worked on.
  • You will need to backup (Optional) then delete your corrent config.yml or the plugin will NOT function!
  • If you find any more bugs please report them to me by creating a ticket, its the only way I can fix them :).

10/02/2014 V0.8.1 Alpha

  • Added reload command.
  • fixed update message not being showed to players with the required permission when they join.

01/02/2014 V0.8 Alpha

  • Complete recode which will now make updates and new features much easier to implement.
  • This is an alpha release and has NOT been thoroughly tested. It also may contain bugs that can cause unexpected results and should not be used on production servers, until a stable release is complete.
  • The commands have been changed also, so the documentation is outdated on the main page for versions 0.8+ and will be updated soon.
  • The plugin now has a dependency of WorldEdit which is used to mark out a Duel Arena. You must use this to mark out only 1 block above ground level for the two positions, a detailed video will be soon to follow.
  • MobDisguise support has been temporarily disabled.
  • You can now send duel requests to players while sneaking, holding a diamond sword in your hands and right clicking a player (toggleable in config)
  • All previous configs are now obsolete, you must delete ALL previous configs or the plugin will not start.
  • The main permissions for players are: duelme.player.* and the main permissions for admins are: duelme.admin.*, Full documentation will be provided for each permission node in the coming days
  • Please report any bugs you find to me via the ticket system, and they will be addressed as soon as I can.
  • Reload command will be added soon.

23/10/2013 V0.7.3 Beta

  • Small command display fixes.

22/10/2013 V0.7.3 Beta

22/10/2013 V0.7.2 Beta

  • Added config option to seperate inventories in config. This can be set to false if you wish to use players inventories for a duel.
  • This update has CHANGES to config.yml, please backup then delete, the old config then restart the server to generate the new one.

30/09/2013 V0.7.1 Beta

  • Fixed when duel starts, players can use the spectate command to teleport to the spectate location.
  • Fixed when duel starts, players can break blocks.

25/09/2013 V0.7 Beta

  • Fixed teleport bug where players that were not in a duel and had permission to teleport to players could teleport to players in duels
  • Updated 1.6.4
  • Changed project status to Beta as most bugs have been ironed out
  • Added an extra surprise when players die.

16/09/2013 V0.6.1

  • Fixed small update checker bug where update prompt would still show even if the plugin was up to date.

13/09/2013 V0.6

  • Added countdown timer to start of Duel

07/09/2013 V0.5

  • minor bug fixes
  • initial Alpha release!

26/08/2013 V0.4

  • bug fixes
  • plugin now uses locations.yml to store locations
  • players are now undisguised during a Duel if the server has DisguiseCraft
  • Final testing before Alpha release

25/08/2013 V0.3.1

  • Fixed bug: player cannot send any more duel requests if the player whom they sent a duel to leaves the game
  • Fixed bug: player looses xp level when they die
  • Added: player can now cancel a sent duel request
  • 95% Complete for Alpha release

23/08/2013 V0.3

  • small bug fixes
  • 90% complete for Alpha release

20/08/2013 V0.2

  • Fixed bug: spectators can pvp dueling players
  • Fixed bug: spectators cant leave a duel unless duel ends normally
  • 85% complete for Alpha release

17/08/2013 V0.1.1

  • Added update checker
  • Fixed duel accept bug
  • Finished permissions
  • Updated main page
  • 80% complete for Alpha release

16/08/2013 V0.1

  • Added official website post
  • 70% complete on Alpha plugin


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